March 18, 2023

Therapy Panel

Q & A with mental health professionals

Mental health professionals Marla Willard, Beth Haggett, Dominic Schmuck and Justin Lee answered questions from the audience.

Liahni C.

Adversity During Transition in Faith

Double organ transplant survivor, Liahni, discusses how she is able to find meaning and joy throughout life’s ups and downs.

Emily C.

Music Therapy

Music therapist, Emily, and members of the audience, share songs meaningful to them during their faith transitions.  Meg. G. shares a poem she wrote.

Autumn P.

LGBTQ+ Issues

Social Worker, Autumn P., discusses facts, vocabulary, and other relevant LGBTQ+ issues.

Carol E.

Stages of a Faith Transition

What are the stages of a faith transition and how can you get through them?

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